How do Chips in Washing Machine Work?

Every one of us use one or the other home appliances like refrigerators, washing machine, coffee makers, mixer grinder etc in our home and kitchen. But have you ever noticed that how do they work? The answer to this question is that they work so correctly just because of the computer chips that are placed inside them.

In washing machines, the microprocessor controls the sensors, valves, actuators and many more parts to work properly for years without causing any damage to your clothes. If any of these parts lose control from the microprocessors, then you will not get the result that you would be hoping from it. Even some of them would not even start.

What is the purpose behind controlling of washing machines by Computer?

The washing machines are controlled by the computers in the very same manner as you work on your laptops or personal computers. The central processing unit is responsible for sending instructions to rest of the components to work efficiently. The microprocessors used in a washing machine is responsible for every action taken by a washing machine. When you select a washing mode or you select hot or warm water for cleaning up your clothes, the instruction to do so goes through the microprocessor only. This microprocessor controls all the functions of a washing machine.

Working of sensors

The sensors are the important parts of a washing machine. It’s the sensors that tells the microprocessors that when to act. When your tub fills at a certain level of water according to your washing mode selection, the sensors send the message to the microprocessors to act. If you see the latest washing machine, then you will find that the tub spins for 10-15 secs to determine the amount of water needed for the laundry load. It all happens with the use of sensors. The sensors are responsible for the next step taken by the microprocessors of a washing machine.

Working of the Actuators

Once you put your laundry inside the tub of a washing machine and push the start button, the washing machine starts its internal programs. The process of washing starts and the sensors tell the computer of a washing machine when to start washing and when to start the rinse process. These processes are controlled in such a manner that it starts and stops at the right time.

Processing inside the washing machine

When you put your laundry inside the washing machine, the process starts. The moves for 5-10 seconds and its sensors verifies the load of the laundry. One the load is determined, the water starts flowing into the tub from the water inlet pump. The computer of the washing machine controls the inlet pump to flow water inside the tub. Once, it reaches the predetermined level as set by the computer, the inlet valve closes automatically.

Then the agitation process starts and the spinning of the tub starts. This process takes out the dirt from the water. At the end of the process, the dirty water is sucked out of the tub by the outlet pump.…

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