How does a microwave oven cook your food? Does its radiation and heat can affect our body? Lets find out

How does a microwave oven cook your food? Does its radiation and heat can affect our body? Lets find out
Almost every single house have atleast one microwave oven. It is one of the most useful appliance for the kitchen and the people. You can warm your food, make easy recipes to get rid away of small hunger. It is very efficient and saves time also. It is also easy to maintain and use it. But, do you ever wondered how it works and what is the science behind it. In this, you will find the basic mechanism behind the work of microwave oven and we will also tell you about what extent the radiation of oven is harmful for our skin.

Woman’s Hands Closing Microwave Oven Door And Preparing Food in microwave.

Way of working of a microwave oven.

According to Chad Mueller, assistant professor of chemistry at Birmingham-Southern College in Alabama, the microwave oven emits microwave which penetrate the food and hit the molecule of water inside it. The molecule of water then absorbs this radiation and starts vibrating so hard that it generates heat.

This heat cook your food. There are trillion trillions of water molecule present in your wood which gives enough heat to cook your food. As microwave heat up your food and surroundings it also can heat up your skin or body. In fact, people stationed at big microwave towers in cold climates used to stand in front of the microwave generators in order to warm themselves.

But, this can be harmful for our body specially for those parts who cannot conduct the heat and are not able to transfer it to other parts for example, eyes. Many people, specially those who works with oven throughout the day, complaints about the headaches several times a day sometimes whole day. This is also a side effects of getting in contact with the microwave radiation.

Why the microwave radiations targets water molecules.

A water molecule is formed when two hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom combined together. This molecule have shaped like upside down “Y”. The two hydrogen atoms are present at one end while the oxygen atom is present at the other end. This separation of positive and negative charge makes a dipole.

When it gets in contact with an electric field they allign themselves in the same direction. But, microwave are electric field which alternates rapidly. This makes water molecule to vibrate rapidly. Soon, every single water molecule starts vibrating vigorously. This vi rational energy converts into heat energy and them heat up your foid resulting into a cooked food.

According to David E. Hintenlang, associate professor nuclear and radiological engineering at the University of Florida at Gainesville, the microwave can also affect your cells and tissues the same way as it affects foods. Leakage, is the main reason behind the radiation hitting your skin and affecting them. But, nowadays manufacturers are giving more attention in this issue and making oven which does not have leakage at all. So, always buy a safe microwave oven and cook safely by ensuring that the door is locked.